Nuuksio CTF

Published: 2020-06-05 by osku

Nuuksio CTF: Limited Exposure

As the Finnish government has lifted some restrictions on movement and public gatherings, HelSec announces the first public IRL event since the lockdown measures. The Nuuksio CTF: Limited Exposure is held in the Nuuksio National Park, with a participant limit of 12. We can hack in the woods and shout at each other, no close contact required.

Date: June 5-June 6. If it rains on June 5, then June 6-June 7. If it rains on June 6, then June 12-June 13. If it rains on June 12, then June 13-June 14. Time: 5pm – ?, approximately (TBA later)

Location: Nuuksio National Park, Espoo, Finland. Exact location will be revealed closer to the event.

What you need to bring with you:

  • your own shelter, sleeping bag, food, water, refreshments
  • means to prepare your own food (a modest amount of fire may be supplied by the organizers)
  • a laptop and electricity for as long as you want to work on the flags

Max 12 participants.


The CTF platform will be a battery-powered virtualization platform with a Wifi access point. The challenge can take any format that could be run as a virtual machine, on a virtual machine, or be a static file that we can serve over the CTF Wifi. Solving the challenges should impose a minimal power consumption overhead to the CTF platform (or any challenge running as a VM), so any really heavy fuzzing is discouraged. *

  • As the event is not the most serious CTF event, CTF challenges need not be that advanced or difficult. A challenge submission should contain at least:
  • any file(s) / media containing the actual challenge (or a share link, if the files are large)
  • the flag, in the format flag{somevalue}
  • a writeup describing a solution to the challenge

If you would like to submit a chall, please contact