HelSec Decembeer 2019 meetup

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Welcome to the HelSec Decembeer 2019 meetup! We will have two awesome speakers from the infosec / cybersecurity industry and beverages will be provided. This event is powered by Smartly.


17:30 Doors open
18:00 Word by HelSec
18:05 Intro & welcome by Smartly.io
18:15 “Perimeter(less/mess) in the age of cloud” by Joosua Santasalo
19:00 Q&A, networking, beverages
19:15 “Reeling in the deep” by Joakim Tauren
20:00 Q&A, networking, beverages
20:15 “Arms race in the internet” by Mikko Hyppönen
21:00 Q&A, networking and pystyy vetää!

Speaker bio:

Joosua Santasalo - Senior Consultant at Nixu Corporation

Joakim Tauren - AppSec Architect at Visma, Häjy at HäjySec

Mikko Hyppönen - Herrasmieshakkeri at Herrasmieshakkerit, Employee at F-Secure