HelSec December 2023 Meetup

Welcome to the HelSec December 2023 Meetup!

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This time we’re going to focus on the hottest topic around - AI.

17:30 - Doors open
18:00 - Word by HelSec & Binalyze
18:10 - LLM Wizardry in a Muggle World of Security Consultancy - Svitlana Chaplinska
19:00 - Q&A, networking
19:15 - Approaching GenAI with Security in mind - Satu Korhonen
20:00 - Q&A, networking
20:15 - AI Governance - Ilja Ikonen
21:00 - Q&A, networking
22:00 - Event ends

This meetup will be streamed on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/helsec

Speaker bios:

🔷 Svitlana Chaplinska TBA

🔷 Satu Korhonen is a Machine Learning Engineer at Solita in Finland with a mission to combine developers and business people in creating safe and robust machine learning solutions that bring long-term business value. She thrives with complicated problems with a plethora of necessary viewpoints to fill business needs while taking end-users into account to create AI solutions that are safe and secure for everyone.

🔷 Ilja Ikonen TBA