Helsec May 2023 meetup

Welcome to the HelSec May 2023 meetup!
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This is going to be a BIG one!
We are going to have capacity of 300 for the event.
Half of the preliminary registration slots will be reserved members and rest will be open for everyone.

The event is restricted from under 18 year olds.
Food & beverages will be available.

❗ Member exclusive registration is open[masked]. ❗
❗ Registration for all will open 4.5 at 18:00 ❗

Preliminary schedule for the day:

17:00 - Doors open
18:00 - Word by HelSec & WithSecure
18:15 - “I’m a script kiddie, bypassing your antivirus software” by Anne Hautakangas
19:00 - Q&A, networking
19:15 - “What we can do better in cyber security?” by Marcus Murray
20:00 - Q&A, networking
20:15 - “This Ain’t No Place For No Hero” by Mikko Hyppönen
21:00 - Q&A, networking, end of stream
-> After party at Huutokonttori

This meetup will be streamed on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/helsec
Speaker bio:
🔷 Anne Hautakangas - Cyber Security Specialist, Insta
Anne has her roots in web and service development. For the past three yeas she has been a project manager in a team that hunts for vulnerabilities. On her freetime Anne volunteers with W4CFI and scouts. Her incurable curiosity sometimes leads her to unexpected adventures but it only means that there are more stories to tell.
🔷 Marcus Murray - Founder, Truesec
Marcus is the founder of Truesec and one of the nation’s most recognized cybersecurity experts. He’s often interviewed on Swedish television, news press, and media regarding cyber threats in society and how to best protect against cyber attacks. He has over 20 years of experience protecting organizations against cyber breaches and helping them detect and respond to cyber threats, both in Sweden and internationally.
🔷 Mikko Hyppönen - CRO, WithSecure
Mikko is a global cybersecurity expert. He works as the Chief Research Officer for WithSecure. Mr. Hypponen has written on his research for the New York Times and Wired, and lectured at the universities of Oxford, Stanford and Cambridge. Mikko sits in the advisory boards of EUROPOL and Verge Motorcycles.