HelSec December 2022 meetup

❗️ Our first speaker Jouni Mikkola had to cancel due to illness.

❗ Registration will open for HelSec Ry registered members on Thursday 1st of December. Information will be emailed to registered members. If there are available slots on Tuesday 6th of December 18:00 (EET), we will open the registration here for non-registered members. More details about membership on https://helsec.fi

Welcome to the HelSec December 2022 meetup! We will have three awesome presentations from the infosec / cybersecurity industry and beverages will be provided.

17:30 - Doors open

18:00 - Word by HelSec

CANCELLED - “Story of a security breach” by Jouni Mikkola

18:15 - “Infosec by Ilta-Sanomat – how to bring the news from the experts for the good of everyone” by Henrik Kärkkäinen

19:00 - Q&A, networking, beverages

19:15 - “Cyber Security nerd as a prey for a HUMINT Predator” by Samuli Järvinen

20:00 - Q&A, networking, beverages

21:30 - Meetup end. If you’re thirsty, we can continue elsewhere.

This meetup will be streamed on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/helsec

Speaker bio:
🔷 Jouni Mikkola - Jouni has been part of the Nixu’s DFIR team for several years and has been included in hundreds of incident response investigations. Jouni also has a special love for threat hunting and is tinkering around the subjects during his free time to learn more. Jouni has 15 years of experience from the IT field, from which the last 5 from the Cyber Security realm. Currently, Jouni is managing the SOC Solutions and Technologies team at Nixu.
🔷 Henrik Kärkkäinen - Henrik is a journalist who works at Ilta-Sanomat and specializes in digital technology. His job is to make everything digital understandable to the general public and not to look ridiculous in the eyes of the professionals. The topics he covers range from evaluating mobile phones to sharing tips and tricks and the latest stunts of Elon Musk – and obviously also infosec.
🔷 Samuli Järvinen - Samuli is an entrepreneur. Prior his own business NUUH, he was working for CGI. He’s currently PhD Student at National Defense University and Tampere University.