HelSec November 2021 meetup

❗❗ UPDATE[masked]: There are 70 slots for non-registered members

❗❗ UPDATE[masked]: There are 57 slots for non-registered members

❗ Registration will open for HelSec Ry registered members on 9th of November. If there are available slots on 11th of November 18:00 (EET), we will open registration here.

Welcome to the HelSec November 2021 meetup! We will have three speakers from the infosec / cybersecurity industry and beverages will be provided. This event is powered by SANS.

17:30 - Doors open

18:00 - Word by HelSec

18:15 - TBA by Jari Javanainen

19:00 - Q&A, networking, beverages

19:15 - “That escalated quickly! - From a single break-in into global victim
notification” by Markus Lintula

20:00 - Q&A, networking, beverages

20:15 - “Scaling problems” by Antti Kurittu

21:00 - Q&A, networking, beverages, fun

This meetup will be streamed on Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/helsec

Speaker bio:
🔷 Jari Javanainen - Jari started at Tieto, currently TietoEVRY, in spring 2017 after working for about 20 Years at Finnish police. He worked at police in crime investigations. His main task for most of the time was digital crime investigation and investigation of different types of digital evidence supporting other investigations. At TietoEVRY Jari’s main task has been incident response and forensics, or DFIR. Currently TietoEVRY has small CSIRT team mainly focusing on internal systems. Other work tasks are related to different security improvements.
🔷 Markus Lintula - Markus has worked as a specialist at the NCSC-FI and it’s predecessor CERT-FI for over eight years. His tasks have included incident handling and response, malware analysis and computer forensics.
🔷 Antti Kurittu - Antti is the team lead for Nixu Digital Forensics and Incident Response. He has a background in law enforcement and national CERT work. Antti is the co-host of the award-winning Turvakäräjät podcast.