HelSec Virtual Meetup #11

Welcome to the HelSec Virtual Meetup 11! 🤗

Join the discussion on Discord: https://discord.gg/NBvCAm8

18:00 - Stream start and word by HelSec

18:15 - “Mobile application security and how I hacked ParkMan” by Jussi Metsänkylä

19:00 - Short break

19:15 - “Spoofing and Tampering with Azure AD sign-in logs” by Dr. Nestori Syynimaa

20:00 - Virtual conference end - Virtual networking and some pystyy vetää will continue on our Discord server

All times are in EEST (UTC +3).

Speaker bio:
🔹 Jussi Metsänkylä - Hacker by heart, always breaking stuff since childhood. Trying to leave a positive footprint in the world by improving the stuff I just broke and helping others where I can. Really good at finding problems even when not looking for them.
🔹 Dr. Nestori Syynimaa - One of the leading Azure AD / M365 experts in the world and the developer of the AADInternals toolkit. He has worked with Microsoft cloud services for over a decade and has been MCT since 2013, MVP since 2020, awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Security Researcher for 2021. Currently, Dr Syynimaa works as a Senior Principal Security Researcher for Secureworks Counter Threat Unit. Before moving to his current position, Dr Syynimaa worked as a CIO, consultant, trainer, researcher, and university lecturer for almost 20 years.