HelSec Virtual Meetup #8

Welcome to the HelSec Virtual Meetup 8! 🤗

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18:00 - Stream start and word by HelSec

18:15 - “localhost exposed: personal vulnerability on my path to oscp” by jw

19:00 - Short break

19:15 - ”Who’s afraid of the dark? - Hype versus reality on the dark web” by Nour Fateen

20:00 - Short break

20:15 - ”Emulating ransomware attacks lifecycle" by Francesco Raimondi

21:00 - Virtual conference end - Virtual networking and some pystyy vetää will continue on our Discord server

All times are in EET (UTC +2).

Speaker bio:
🔹 jw, having started his career with a decade of DevOps roles, he migrated to cyber security in the aftermath of Stuxnet. He spent the next five years as a cyber security consultant in Finland and the Middle East before expanding his perspective from single companies to the whole country..
🔹 Nour Fateen is a cybersecurity specialist with over seven years of experience in the industry. Currently at Recorded Future, Nour has spent the last three years helping some of the largest businesses in the world improve their security posture using security intelligence. He has previously held positions in Cisco Systems and Goldman Sachs. Nour received a Master in Electronic Engineering & Nanotechnology from University College London.
🔹 Francesco comes from a cyber security background. He has worked as a cyber security consultant, focusing on penetration testing and red teaming in banking and healthcare sectors. Francesco has a focus on cyber security in cloud native AWS and Azure architectures as well as hybrid infrastructures.