HelSec Virtual Meetup #7

Welcome to the HelSec Virtual Meetup 7! 🤗

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18:00 - Stream start and word by HelSec

18:15 - “One way to end up in the CISO Office” by Henri Heinonen

19:00 - Short break

19:15 - ”The Devil is in the Details” by Anne Hännikäinen

20:00 - Short break

20:15 - ”Culture eats strategy for breakfast" by Teemu Mäkelä

21:00 - Virtual conference end - Virtual networking and some pystyy vetää will continue on our Discord server

All times are in EET (UTC +2).

Speaker bio:
🔹 Henri is the Chief Information Security Officer in Aktia Pankki Oyj. He is also actively participating in developing Financial sector’s co-operation in cyber security.
🔹 Anne is the CISO in Fintraffic Oy, which controls and manages traffic on land, air and sea. Before this position, she was the CISO in Sanoma, media and learning company. She embraces close co-operation with different stakeholders, and drives business and cyber risk strategy alignment. She has wide experience in assessing and implementing security technologies and
procedures to build organizational capabilities, including the whole ecosystem. During her time at Nokia, she was a part of global team creating and implementing 3rd Party Security Management concept, governance and information security requirements to ensure alignment from an end-to-end perspective. In Sanoma she deepened her knowledge on securing Cloud based solutions. She has 20+ years of IT experience in global, international and virtual organizations – and is experienced in IT, Security and Privacy implementation, including Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestment cases. She has also worked as expat in Singapore and The Netherlands.
🔹 Teemu is a business-minded and experienced cyber security leader with wide hands-on knowledge of various aspects of today’s networked systems. He believes an organization’s level of security should always be based on proper risk management and enable business by opening up opportunities. Teemu was recently named CISO of the Year by Tietoturva Ry, Finland’s largest network of cyber security professionals.