HelSec Virtual Meetup #6

Welcome to the HelSec Virtual Meetup 6! 🤗

Join the discussion on Discord: https://discord.gg/NBvCAm8

18:00 - Stream start and word by HelSec

18:15 - “Container Security: an overview” by Ilhan Gurel

19:00 - Short break

19:15 - “My Brief History of Cybersecurity Exercises” by Anne Oikarinen

20:00 - Short break

20:15 - “From zero to Yara” by Peeter Marvet

21:00 - Virtual conference end - Virtual networking and some pystyy vetää will continue on our Discord server

All times are in EET (UTC +2).

Speaker bio:
🔹 Ilhan Gurel works for Ericsson in the CTO organization as an expert on trusted HW and SW technologies. Ilhan Gurel lives in Finland. His current role involves various security activities related to HW security, SW security, TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technologies and practical use of cryptography.
🔹 Anne Oikarinen is a Senior Security Consultant who works with security and software development teams to help them design and develop secure software. In her current job at Nixu Corporation, Anne divides her time between DevSecOps, cybersecurity exercises and writing about cybersecurity. Anne holds a Master of Science (Tech.) degree in Communication Networks and Protocols from Tampere University of Technology, and maintains the CISSP and GMOB certifications.
🔹 Peeter Marvet has been trying to make computers do what he wants since ‘85, starting with pirated clones of IBM mainframes running on punchcards - but the computers seem to be still winning. Has produced 10 years of radio, couple of years of TV, worked 15 years in printing industry, has a sailboat and likes to windsurf. Currently resident hacker and chief troublemaker at Estonian largest hosting company Zone.ee