HelSec Virtual Meetup #4

Welcome to the HelSec Virtual Meetup 4! 🤗

Join the discussion on Discord: https://discord.gg/NBvCAm8

18:00 - Stream start and word by HelSec

18:15 - “That time they almost got us” by Joakim Tauren

19:00 - Short break

19:15 - “Fundamentals of threat detection in OT/ICS environments” by Pietari Sarjakivi

20:00 - Short break

20:15 - “Modifying Disobey badges - Project RubberHeikki” by Heikki Stark

21:00 - Virtual conference end - Virtual networking and some pystyy vetää will continue on our Discord server

All times are in EET (UTC +2).

Speaker bio:
🔹 Joakim Tauren, Application Security Architect at Visma, Dad, hobby wood worker, aspiring communicator. Helping development teams in Visma be more secure, with tools, services and knowledge.
🔹 Pietari Sarjakivi, Leader atNixu, blue team trainer in National Defence Training Association of Finland, (MPK) and PhD student in University of Jyväskylä (JYU). He has been working with threat detection and response over a decade and in 2015 he founded Nixu Cyber Defense Center service that maintains customers’ operational cyber defense by offering premium prevention, detection and response services. https://www.linkedin.com/in/pietari/
🔹 Heikki Stark, Security auditor, mechkeeb entrepreneur.